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UFO RGB Musical lamp

Product ID:3042306
Optional power:40W
Optional input voltage: 100-265V
Optional lamp base: E26/E27/B22
Description:UFO RGB Musical lamp with bluetooth speaker and remote controller




How to install

1. Ceiling mounting

 Connecting the Quick connection cable with power line ;

Take the ceiling mounting plate away from the lamp. Mark the location of the holes of Ceiling mounting plate on the ceiling, drill Φ5mm 

holes and insert the plastic expansion tubes in. Place the Ceiling mounting plate in place and tight the two screws. If the ceiling is wooden, 

no need to drill holes. Just fix the ceiling mounting plate to the wooden ceiling with the two tapping screws. Please take care the location 

of the power line before you drilling holes and driving the screws.

Connect the Quick connection cable with lamp body and then turn in clockwise direction to fix the mounting plate and lamp. You will 

hear tiny “click” sound when they are firmly connected.

2. Lamp holder install.

Remove ceiling mounting plate on the lamp

Connect quick connection terminal between Lamp holder base and Lamp body.

Turn the base clockwise and you will hear tiny “click” sound when they are firmly connected.

Connect the whole lamp to your existing lamp hold base.


How to use

1. Turn on the lamp after installation, the lamp will work like normal LED bulb

2. Bluetooth speaker connection

Turn on the Bluetooth switch on your devices (mobile phone/laptop etc.) and lamp

Find “YMJ-001” and connect. You will hear beep notice if connect successfully.

Then your can play music on the device and enjoy

3. Using remote controller to adjust the working modes, music and light color. Please prepare 2pcs AAA battery

       before using the remote controller

4. Illustration of remote controller





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