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3 in 1 Mosquito Killer bulb with bluetooth speaker

Product ID:3042003
Optional power:5W
Optional input voltage: 100-265V
Optional lamp base: E26/E27/B22
Description:3 in 1 bug zapper with bluetooth speaker, remote controlled,


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How to use

- Install / Replace this bulb as normal lighting bulb

-Mosquito killing mode: turn on the bulb, electric shock mesh and blue luring light will work

-Bluetooth speaker mode:

Turn on the bulb and Bluetooth switch in your digital devices, such as Mobile phone, laptop, and PC.

Find Available devices in Bluetooth setting and click Pair to connect with bulb. The bulb beeps if connect successfully.

Bulb will connect automatically after first pairing.

-Remote controller

Remove insulation film at the bottom of the controller

Point at the bulb for further operation

Function of remote controller: Change color of the light, working modes of the bulb and quick operation of the speaker.

-To improve the mosquito killing effect, please try the following:

Suggested installation height: 0.8-1.5m/2.5-5ft;

Turn on the mosquito luring light before entering room and keep it on when nobody is         around

Do not use the bulb in any enclosed lamp fixture



- Turn off the power supply before replacing or installing the bulb.

- Making sure the lamp is out of reach of children or pets when it is on to avoid electric shock.

- Dont touch the electric grid with finger or metal articles when the bulb is on.

- Dont stare at the bulb when the white light is on to protect your eyes.

- Dont use the lamp in high temperature and humidity places.





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